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virgin independence

A non-profit initiative to help sustainably develop the Caribbean.

the mission

identify and implement solutions for the Caribbean that create or promote independent economies; provide for infrastructure reform; restore and preserve natural and cultural resources; build residential and commercial structures in response to an increased threat of natural disaster; improve quality and availability of education and health care; and encourage cooperative, sustainable development throughout the Caribbean.

about jen

Jen Kash, the founder of Virgin Independence, was featured on the Lawyer's Escape Podcast where she discussed her legal profession and transition into spearheading the Virgin Independence initiative. Jen's work also extends to non-profits such as Link Up Vincy and Catsbury Park. Jen also has her own passion project called The Tarot Trade.

Additionally, she is a partner at the San Francisco-based firm Warren Kash Warren.

About Jen

Jen Kash



virgin independence, inc, a non -profit organization

St.Croix, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and Barbados

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